Sample Issues

To be more specific to your particular issues, we’d like to give a few examples of common problems so you’ll know that we understand what you’re going through:

  •  You run a small business but you don’t have any computer savvy employees to rely on for your computing/networking needs. You can count on us to be there for you and help you understand what’s needed.
  •  You bought a new computer for yourself or immediate family and would like to clean up the old computer to give away to another loved one. Not only can we assist you with this but we genuinely encourage people to do this whenever possible.
  • Many people get a message on the screen that appears to be scanning the computer and listing out dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of virus threats. If it doesn’t clearly identify itself as the anti virus you know you have, it is the virus. We can easily fix this.
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as an external device that was recently purchased. Printers and scanners come with instructions but that’s not always enough; don’t be afraid to ask us.
  • The undeniable BSOD, or Blue Screen of Death, tends to scare the average person beyond stress but don’t fear. This blue screen actually has data and codes on it that can help a technician to diagnose and repair the problem at hand. The blue screen is an indicator that a piece of the computer’s hardware is going or gone bad and the computer has shut down to protect itself. This is a good thing. However, it does likely mean that you’re in need of a new hard drive or network card or RAM; all replaceable for reasonable prices if needed. If you get lucky, it may only be a virus to clean out.
  • You’re not exactly sure what to say or what to think. Everything appears to look as it always has but you’ve noticed a marked decline in the computer’s performance since last year. This may just be an indication of a buildup of junk files or bad configurations and there may not be much wrong with your system. Though it may, in fact, be an indicator of malicious programs that are constantly transferring data in the background that you’re unaware of and have not authorized. Unfortunately, and quite often, the hard drive may be corrupt or beyond its usable lifespan. Let a professional make that decision for you.
  • You took your PC or laptop to somebody else and they replaced your hard drive and said they copied over all your old data but you quickly find that you have documents or pictures missing. Possibly, you’ve noticed that many documents no longer open because the computer claims that file is corrupted. Don’t worry, not a total loss. If you have your old hard drive, your original data can still be recovered for you.

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