Network Nomads

Computer repair doesn’t need to take two weeks and can frequently be something quite simple. Why take your PC to a shop and pay more to wait longer? We’ll save you the time and trouble.

If you’re around the Denver Colorado area, contact a local professional that will quote a fair price for the work being done without the expensive diagnostic consultation. We’ll travel to you and help you understand exactly what’s going on before ever charging a penny.

6 thoughts on “Network Nomads

  1. Fixed my issue extremely fast. Tech was intelligent and knew exactly what he was doing. Had my computer back to me the same day working better than the day I got it.

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  2. Network Nomads are very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. I had some issues with networking my Mac and PC computers in the house to the wireless printer and he helped me resolve the issue in record time! I’d use them again in a heartbeat.

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  3. So thankful for Network Nomads! Shawn saved me hours of work and a ton of frustration by diagnosing my problem and suggesting a simple solution–all from 2000 miles away. What a wonderful service!

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    1. Remote work is always questionable at the beginning but things tend to work themselves out with the vast amount of experience I can lend to your issue. So glad I could assist. Thank you for your business!


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